Do you want to become more visible with your website and gain the trust of your target group? Do you want content that clearly reflects the real added value of your products or services to new prospects and customers? Your website should appeal to both search engines and visitors? Then high-quality and unique content is the answer to your questions! Whether white papers, e-books, category texts, infographics or even blog posts – you can use all these types of content to achieve your business goals. You are no word acrobat and you lack time or even experience?

Then we at clicks are just the right people for you: we take over the qualified content creation for you and produce texts that interest your buyers, convince them of your brand, inspire them and turn them into valuable leads thanks to real added value. We have something to say on every topic and find exactly the right words for your target group – in other languages too.


Inspire your target group with high-quality content!

How does our content creation work?

Target definition

Before we create unique content for you that will inspire your personas, we first need to clarify which goals you want to achieve with your content. The choice of format, topics and texts as well as the way you address your customers depend on this. In doing so, we also follow your CI guidelines, style guides and your brand manual. Together we develop a briefing that our content experts can use as a basis for their work.

Content creation

Then we’ll roll our sleeves up and our editorial team gets down to work. Whether for B2B or B2C, in German or another language – flexible and goal-oriented, we create content that will convince your readers. We familiarise ourselves with every topic and create content that draws attention to your company, products and services and offers your readers decisive added value. After a short time, you will have the finished content in your hands – without having to use your own capacities.


After completion, we will send you your texts so that you can check them. If necessary, we adapt any changes you may have made in a correction loop so that you are completely satisfied. And even if the content needs to be updated for a new development, we are there to revise the text.


Gripping content that inspires our target groups is the be-all and end-all in the battle for visibility and reputation. And every word must be right. For the implementation of our landing page as well as for the copywriting of white papers, mailings and other text templates, we rely on the many years of experience of the Clicks professionals. With their unerring support, Cyberport succeeds in processing even complex topics in an attractive and target group-oriented manner. In addition to first-class wording, the focus is always on keyword-optimised SEO texts.

Teresa-Marie Böhm

Team Leader Customer Management and New Business Areas, Cyberport GmbH

We create unique content for you, for example in this form:

How our experts can help you

White papers

White papers are a perfect way to expand your expert status and gain qualified leads. You think this is a lot of work? That’s right – that’s why we take care of the conception, content creation and layout of your white paper for you. Thanks to intensive research, we provide your target group with detailed insights into desired topics – and you become your customers’ problem solver.


In addition to white papers, we also produce extensive e-books to present you as an expert. We do not pick up on and deal with a single problem, as is the case with a white paper, but rather take a comprehensive look at complex topics. With individual tips for your target group, we make the visitors of your site aware of their problems and show that your company has exactly the right solution for them. You can rely on our content experts who have the time and experience to create e-books that can be distributed as part of a content marketing campaign, for example.

Case studies

Do you want to strengthen your customer loyalty and at the same time show what your company is capable of? With case studies, you can demonstrate competence and credibility, because this is where satisfied customers have their say. This customer-centric reference speaks for you, draws the attention of potential buyers to you and creates trust. In addition, these examples show how you have already solved problems and how you proceed in practice. We will be happy to create meaningful case studies for you, from which you will benefit in the long term.

Editorial briefing

Do you have the capacity to create texts independently, but don’t know exactly what to look out for? Our editorial briefing will help you here. Here you will learn how to create content that is easy to read for search engines and satisfies your users, based on a category text of your choice. We give you tips that will help you in the future with SEO text creation. Of course, we are also happy to support you and edit your SEO onpage texts in many languages.


Would you prefer to discuss your questions about content creation in a workshop and eliminate any ambiguities? Of course we also offer content seminars on editorial topics. With the help of these workshops – digital, directly at your site or in our agency – you will get an overview of how to create qualitative content, how to enhance your content and how to make it more accessible to your personas. In the future, you will be able to write your website texts yourself with informative added value.

Further support from clicks

Whether it’s high-quality specialist articles for online or print publications, informative category texts for your landing pages or exciting articles that draw readers to your blog – our clicks editorial team can hardly wait to support you. Even if you need help in maintaining your blog and regularly feeding it with texts so that it leads your target group to your website – we are there for you! Our performance agency has an extensive knowlegde and ensures the best results, for example in the areas of online PR or social media marketing.

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