Be honest – your website texts are not very imaginative and you lack the time to take care of them? You don’t know exactly how to make your content stand out from the competition and how to get it to your users? Good thing that you have found us! We as a content marketing agency know what is important for good content marketing. We provide unique content with added value that reaches your target group and is also loved by Google.


Take off with us and turn your website into a real customer magnet!

Our services as a content marketing agency

How we can support you as a content marketing agency

Content audit

Are you wondering which content really attracts readers to your website and in which content you should invest time and money? We show you the potential that lies in your editorial content by taking a close look at it in our content audit. With our best practices you create successful future content and improve existing content.

Content marketing strategy development

You don’t have time to develop a detailed content marketing strategy to support your business objectives? No problem, we can take care of it for you! Based on your target group, we will develop strategic measures and goals that you can achieve with the help of your content and provide valuable advice for your topic planning. If you have no idea who exactly your target group is, you are in luck – the creation of buyer personas is also one of our specialties.

Content marketing support

Strategy development, content audit, topic planning, content creation, seeding as well as success analyses and reporting – all this is part of our comprehensive content marketing support. Just sit back and let our experts do their job. We increase your awareness through targeted content marketing and also boost your sales through our content marketing concept. As an agency, we have the advantage of being able to exploit the potential of your website even better through the interaction of content, SEO, e-mail marketing and social media marketing and thus easily reach your target group.

Content marketing campaigns

A content marketing campaign takes time and should be well planned to achieve exactly the results you want. We take this time and support you in designing unique campaigns, for example for a new product. This way we make your company visible and encourage potential customers to buy.

Content workshop

Are you looking for support in creating meaningful content strategies with added value for your target group? Or do you want to work together to define your buyer personas? Then ask us for an individual workshop. We will also tell you our well-kept secret: how to create successful editorial texts that reach high positions in Google search queries.

Editorial support

Regularly writing texts for your blog requires not only time but also sufficient resources. You will find them with us! We design blog concepts as well as editorial briefings, take care of the content creation for your website and maintain it in your CMS. Do you also need support for the creation of landing pages or writing a white paper? We are here for you!

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Content marketing creates content that offers your customers real added value and accompanies them on their journey to the final purchase decision. Prerequisite: You have to know your target groups and even more precisely your buyer personas very well, especially their expectations and challenges. This is the only way to create content that's really scalable We help you with this!

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