Using the Google Display Network alone, you can reach an estimated 90 percent of Internet users with your banner ads and responsive search ads. You can, however, only reach the right users at the right time if you make ideal use of the various visual branding and remarketing options. Our PPC experts place your display ads exactly where your customers are and design them to be convincing!


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How our PPC experts can help you

Address exactly the customers you really want to reach

Millions of websites and innumerable users roam around the Google Display Network. To help you avoid waste coverage and reach potential customers, your personal contact at clicks digital will work with you to develop the ideal targeting. We select the options from the jungle of targeting and placement possibilities, that will help you to achieve your advertising goal.

Address your target group at the right moment

Our certified SEA experts will plan and initialise your Google display campaigns for you to target users in Google’s vast display advertising network. Text, image or video advertising, we’ll place your ads in the right places at the right time.

Even better display ads with exclusive tests

Regular updates make it hard to stay on top of things. In consultation with you, clicks tests ad formats tailored to your requirements (e.g. Display Responsive Ads). This is where you benefit from our Google Premium Partnership.

Appearance is everything: Design of advertising banners and landing pages

A picture is worth a thousand words. To ensure that your advertising message hits the mark, we can advise you on how to create effective and appealing advertisements – or our in-house design team can take over the design. Whether static or dynamic – we make your advertisement an eye-catcher!

Ongoing campaign optimisation makes your ads more successful

We continuously check, optimise and expand your display advertising for you. Leave the work to us. We get the most out of your display ads while you go about your daily business. To ensure that your personal contacts can support you even more efficiently, we value regular consultations and reports.

Clearly arranged dashboard instead of table chaos: All KPIs at a glance

With clicks digital you always have an overview of your performance figures in paid advertising, because we want you to be able to understand what we do. With our individual dashboards you don’t have to torment yourself with confusing tables, but can find out everything transparently and at a glance.


Several awards
  • Select Partner Microsoft 2023

Display Ads are primarily used for the branding of your company or brand. They offer an enormous scope with a very precise selection of the target group. Targeting via interests, topics or demographic data enables completely new approaches in comparsion to keyword driven searches. And even if display marketing is repeatedly declared dead - we at clicks see that it is alive and kicking.

Björn Frasiak

CEO at clicks digital

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