Do you want to tap into new markets, grow internationally and do you want to do this in the Russian-speaking world? You do not have any business relations to Russia yet, but you would like to sell your products there as well? You already run Russian campaigns on Google Ads? Or you would like to target Russian-speaking Yandex users in Germany?

All this is possible with Yandex Direct – you just have to know how. clicks digital selects the right bidding strategy, the right keywords and turns the right screws – all for your turnover and success!


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Search Engine Advertising (SEA) offers the opportunity to become more visible as a company and to address new customers at the right moment. The market share of Yandex is 44.23%. These users would be lost to you if you would only rely on Google. Whether you would like to find out by potential analysis whether Yandex Ads are suitable for you, would like to test the potential in a test campaign or would like to develop new customer groups with Yandex Ads in the long term – we have the right solution for you.

Perfect adjustment to the Russian-speaking online market

The focus on Russian-speaking target audience is the core of Yandex Ads. We therefore adapt your online ads optimally to the mentality, language, location and search habits in Russia or neighbouring target markets. For this purpose we perfectly coordinate the approach and targeting.

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clicks digital is a Google Premium Partner – but of course this does not mean that we are only familiar with these advertising networks. With us you can rely on the concentrated expertise of our SEA managers and this includes Yandex search engine advertising.

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Yandex as the russian counterpart to Google is particularly interesting for companies that want to expand their reach and sales in the Russian-speaking market. But it's not only linguistically that Yandex Direct differs from Google Ads, it also has its own challenges for advertisements. Keeping a complete overview is not easy - but that's exactly what we are here for!

Stephanie Pichler

SEA & PPC Manager at clicks digital

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Stephanie Pichler
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